Blue Sage 100% Virgin Clover Honey - 1 Lb. Jar

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Honey for your Honey!!

Handcrafted Virgin Raw Honey. A honey lovers treat! 

A small batch woman owned business makes this honey extra special!  (and it's local from our neighbors in Sonoma County) 

What is Virgin Raw Honey?

Many honey producers ultra-filter their honey and heat it to high temperatures that negatively affect the flavor and healthful properties of honey. Ultra filtration takes out tiny particles of bee pollen from the honey. Pollens are part of what makes honey a healthy food and sweetener as well as adding to the great taste of honey. When honey is heated too high, the beneficial bacterias and enzymes are killed which destroys the flavor as well as the many health benefits of the honey. Bees do not like this. Therefore, Blue Sage Honey Company likes to keep their honey raw and unfiltered!!! AND it is amazing! Don't believe me?? Try it! You will see. The bees will thank you for supporting their efforts in keeping it real!

This set includes  a 1 pound jar of amazing honey! 


The PlanetBee Foundation in San Francisco

Without Bees- where would we BE???? 

Look for our video coming soon about bees!!!