Cork Wristraps
So many bags end up missing a wriststrap. We now offer replacement Cork straps.
Gold or Silver hardware to match the Cork material used in the production.
6.5" L . Strap  x .04" W. 


The cork we use comes from Italy and Portugal. Cork fabric is made by shaving the cork bark off the cork oak trees. Cork is harvested once the tree is around 25 years old, and then once every 9-10 years. Once the bark is shaved off, the tree actually takes in an increased amount of carbon dioxide to replenish the bark! 

The cork is adhered to a backing, to make it usable for bags and accessories. It is an eco-friendly alternative to leather.


To clean, simply use mild soap and a soft cloth. Stain-resistant and naturally water-resistant!


Each wristband is Made by hand in Napa.

Clutch Wrist Strap